The Nail Shop and Training Centre

Beauty in the Hands of a Master

It is every little girl's dream  to be the proverbial "princess" when they reach adulthood and part of that vision is more often than not, outward beauty as well as intelligence and independence. 

Marlene Landsberg has been doing her part to bring that dream to reality for many young girls, many of whom are now grown women, for the past 28 years. 

Thinking back to my own childhood I vividly remember visiting the Nail Shop with my mom and  playing make-believe with the offcut nails  used on my mom. I knew that I too would one day visit the shop and Marlene would work her magic on me. 

There is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly manicured set of nails, meticulously painted. Marlene has honed her craft over the years and her name resounds through the town and further afield. This is the go to spot for finely crafted nails that are designed to make you feel confident and ready for success. 

Having recently secured a new home for the Nail Shop and Training Centre, Marlene already had her sights on something more. Her passion, drive and will to succeed is astounding and something every aspiring entrepreneur should learn from. 

The introduction of her clothing line, Kha"mya is the next step on her journey to providing what every woman needs. The brand is focused on the 40's and above, however, they can be worn by anyone. Marlene understands areas that cause many women to feel self-conscious and caters to those needs. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing frumpy  about this clothing line. Marlene is clearly sending a message that growing older doesn't mean you are any less beautiful.  Clothes are personally designed by Marlene and created by her wonderful, magic-working seamstress. 

The Nail Shop and Training Centre is simply not just a nail bar... This is a place where friends meet, where you can walk in for a transformation and be thrilled with what you find. 

Marlene has many plans up her sleeve for the coming months and it is truly going to be exciting watching how the journey unfolds and even more inspiring to share a small  part of something amazing! 

3 On Kerk is definitely going to be the place to visit on any given day.... Keep you eyes open as Marlene's dreams jump to life and create a haven for all who seek it. 



Exclusive Sound and Security

Motor Sound, Security and Cooling Excellence

Exclusive Sound and Security in Empangeni provide top-quality equipment and professional service to their customers old, and new. Morgan, Ashley and their team take great pride in every aspect of the business. 

There is no better company to call on when you are in need of sound for your vehicle. Well-known brands and superior installations guarantee satisfaction on every level.  Exclusive Sound and Security take your needs into consideration and cater for your requirements. Whether you simply want to listen to the radio on the way to work or you are more fanatical about your sound specifications, Exclusive Sound and Security has what it takes to keep the tunes humming.

Their services don’t end there…the list on offer is impressive.

We all realise the necessity of security. When it comes to your vehicle, nothing could be truer. Fitting your vehicle with an alarm, immobiliser or an anti-hijack system should always be considered with a degree of seriousness. Every measure should be taken to ensure correct installation and the use of high quality equipment. Exclusive Sound and Security offer you peace of mind. You can rest assured that your security equipment will be there for you, when you need it most! Prevent the avoidable and speak to Ashley about their anti-smash and grab window protection as an additional safety measure. Make use of the tracker installation and monitoring services and have peace of mind that you know where your vehicle is every minute of the day.

Keep cool this summer with a vehicle air conditioning installation or re-gas. Zululand summers are an amazing time of the year, but the heat and humidity can become almost unbearable at times. Allow Exclusive Sound and Security’s sister company, Cool Air, to add comfort to your travel time. 

Branding is key when it comes to electronics. Exclusive Sound and Security make use of well-known, tested and proven branded equipment when servicing their clients. 

Exclusive Sound and Security, your partner is vehicle sound, security and air comfort. 

Guaranteed professionalism! 

Guaranteed quality!

Guaranteed satisfaction!

Call today on 035-7922977 or pop in at 18 Tanner Road for your estimation today.


  • Vehicle sound sales and installations
  • Sales and installation of immobiliser, alarms and anti-hijack systems
  • Tracker installation and monitoring
  • Anti-Smash and grab
  • Vehicle air conditioning sales, installations and                                  re-gas


Brainwaves Home School

The Perfect Solution For Learners

Is your child struggling in the normal class setting? Does your child crave that individual attention to reach their full potential?

Many children aren't suited to the formal classroom setting, and they struggle to make heads or tails of the syllabus. The unfortunate thing is that in large classrooms, teachers themselves are overwhelmed, and unable to provide that extra attention, as much as they would like to.

Brainwaves Home School is the perfect solution to those stressful, full classroom situations. Your child will receive personalised assistance and attention to the areas where they need it most. 

For parents who dread the school year because of how their children react, its time to consider a change.

Watch your child flourish in a comfortable, happy, relaxed environment. 

The facility uses the CAPS curriculum and caters for children from Grade 6 - Grade 12.

Call Renette Stroebel on 0649018006 today and secure your child's future.

Timeless Art Collective Tattoo And Piercing Studio

Creativity and Professionalism at it's Best!

At face value Timeless Art Collections Tattoo Studio in Richards Bay appears like any other studio. That is until you walk through the door. Stepping over the threshold transports you to a place of creativity and wonder. Images that live within the depths of your mind are transformed into lifelong art pieces, meticulously ingrained into your skin with a perfection that is difficult to fathom until you witness it.

Clean, sterile and hygienic are all the qualities you expect to find in a professional tattoo studio and yes, Timeless Art prides themselves on all of these, however, there is so much more to them that meets the eye. The studio is a haven that defines the personality of the owner, Stix, who shares many interests with the second part of the tattoo duo, Dylan. The sensory overload provided by the striking wall colours, personal paintings, wall hung guitars, buzz of the tattoo machines, friendly banter and the smell of incense, is indescribable and something you have to experience in person. 

The dynamic tattoo duo at the studio, owner Stix Thomas and the infamous Dylan Mason are a match made in ink-lovers heaven. Both are skilled and passionate about their chosen profession and express themselves with completely different and distinctive styles. Dylan is known for his tattoo work throughout Empangeni and Richards Bay as well as in Durban and as far afield as Cape Town. Stix too has a vast experience in the industry and shares his creative flair through his absolutely mind-blowing paintings, airbrushed works and of course, his tattoos. 

Whether you are looking for an exceptional ink experience or a piercing, this is the place for you. Stix and Dylan are on hand to make the moment a memorable one, whether you first tattoo or your tenth (and yes it is addictive). Piercings are left to Tristan who has mastered the art like a true professional. 

Call/Whatsapp Timeless Art Collective Tattoo & Piercing Studio today on 063 434 9453 for inquiries and bookings today! There is no time like today to get inked and there is no better place  than this studio in the heart of the Bay.