All For A good Cause

Boere Droegtehulp SA NPC - In Aid Of Farmers in Drought Areas

Who would have thought that the fundraising even held in aid of farmers in drought areas would turn out so absolutely fantastic.

Locals turned out in numbers to support a cause that is absolutely, positively one that is worth its weight in gold. Farmers in our country are often over-looked and underappreciated. It is often forgotten that it is these very farmers that provide food for the people of our country. Yes, drought has negative effects on everybody, however, the farmers are those hit hardest as their livelihood is threatened. Of course the domino effect is one that is truly telling with many losing their employment in the aftermath. Today proved that Zululand can come together in aid of a brilliant cause.

The setting was breathtaking. Sun, sea and entertainment that was absolutely phenomenal. Local vendors put up their stores to trade providing a variety of food for the festival-goers. 

Entertainment was placed in the more than capable hands of Richards Bay band Angus as well as Radiorush and Black Wiskey who gave of their time in aid of the cause and boy oh boy, they certainly did not disappoint. Locals Angus showed exactly why they have lasted so long in an industry that is more than tough to weather.  Next up Radiorush strutted their stuff with some familiar cover tunes and a few of their own originals. Full of fun and quirky antics, Radiorush added their own flair to the show. The final act, Black Wiskey was something quite different and not quite what I expected. All I can say is why have I not heard of them before?  The lead singer Phillip Taylor is  entertainment personified to say the least and his charismatic stage presence is unforgettable. His antics on stage are reminiscent of the great Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day infamy.

The finale was a moment  of sheer excitement and thoroughly enjoyed  by the entertainment-hungry crowd. The spontaneous performance by all three bands on one stage was really quite captivating through all the "chaos" and will most likely go down as the memorable moment of the day.

The day went off without a hitch and

those who ventured out to support the event were treated today, in every way!

A huge shout out to Annelize Jacobs Bland for pulling off the fundraising event in such fine fashion. An even bigger round of applause to Zululand for showing what we are made of and pulling together even with so much negativity and turmoil in our country at the moment. It certainly does show that when it matters, Zululanders show up!

Proceeds from the fundraising efforts will benefit the Boere Droegtehulp SA NPC in aid of farmers in drought areas.