Thumbs Up!

To Most in KZN...

Since the Presidents address of the nation a week ago the country has rallied together in a bid to lessen the impact of the Corona Virus on those who live here as well as stem the blow to the economy. 

Well....most have done their part. 

In our little community, many residents and companies have implemented rules and regulations in their homes or places of work in order to keep everybody out of harms way in any manner that they can.

Most offices and malls have stringent sanitation policies in place and anybody visiting the establishments must sanitize or be refused access. 

It is unfortunate that there are always those few who put up a fight and throw a proverbial spanner in the works. While in most instances this would be nothing more than an irritation, in the case of the Corona Virus outbreak, it is nothing less than simply ignorant.

Visiting a local grocery store this morning left me feeling disgusted to say the least. Complaints of no process in place to sanitize shoppers have been mildly rectified by simply throwing a few bottles in a trolley at the entrance and expecting customers to fend for themselves. 


How many hands have touched that bottle in the few short hours from opening this morning? How many germs have been spread and how many people have been exposed to those germs. If you aren't going to properly implement a process in order to protect your customers is there really any reason they should continue to support you?

A message to that particular store (who I will refrain from naming).....WAKE UP!

Are you so  blinded by making a buck that you care nothing for your community? The same community that has supported your store since you first made your debut in Zululand. 

We are all experiencing the same anxiety and we are all in for a rough road economically but that doesn't mean we have to throw our compassion out the window. It is during times like these that humanity becomes of the utmost importance. These are the times where Zululand residents step up and show why they are different to the rest of country. 

To those many residents and companies who are actually taking a stand and making a difference in the fight while protecting the community as best they can, thumbs up to you!


Corona Strikes!

Public Safety Concerns Sparked

CORONA VIRUS, a phrase that over the past few weeks has become synonymous with panic and mayhem. While for us in Zululand the danger was always in the distance, the reality has finally set in. With the first cases of the virus being diagnosed in the area, Zululand residents have been thrown into the chaos that the rest of the world has been experiencing for some time. 

Many may still not fully understand the implications of the virus, however, the warnings and safety measures put in place by our Government recently should be taken seriously. While in comparison the disease has not had as telling effects as many others doing the rounds, the speed and ease with which it is transmitted is extremely frightening. 

Another worrying factor is how similar the symptoms are to the simple flu that circulates from season to season. 

Zululand take care. Heed the warnings and protect yourselves and your loved ones by following a few simple guidelines. 

Regularly wash your hands with an antibacterial soap all the way up to the elbows. 

Refrain from the norm of handshakes or hugs and kisses as greetings. 

Keep a safe distance from any person with whom you may be communicating. This is one time where personal space is a necessity. 

Steer clear of crowded places.

Be mindful of coughing and sneezing in public and be sure to cover up if you really can't contain it. 

As far as possible keep your hands away from your face. The virus is transmitted through they nose, mouth and eyes. A simply act of rubbing your weary eyes could prove to be fatal in the greater scheme of things.

If you feel something is not quite right with your health, get yourself tested as soon as possible. Early detection is key.

For those who suffer from respiratory illness, heart disease, blood pressure and even the elderly, be extra vigilant and don't take any chances. Your life is literally at stake.

Remember that during this difficult period, the economy is most likely going to take a phenomenal dip. Wherever possible support small, local businesses and help them keep afloat. The bigger stores can handle the dent in their revenue much more than the small guys. 

Zululand has always had a way of coming together in times of dire need and this is certainly one of them. Together we can get through this pandemic as lightly scathed as inherently possible.

Stay safe Zululand!


Bring on 2020!

As 2020 rears it's head, many exhale a huge sigh of relief. If ever a year truly tested the nation, it was 2019. 

Everybody, and I mean everybody was pushed to their limits. Every aspect of life in our country seemed a challenge at the best of times. 

The last twelve months were fraught with very low lows but, we shouldn't forget the highs experienced as well. While there may not have been many for the country as a whole, I am sure everybody can find something or that one event that lit an otherwise drab year. 

It's so easy to dwell on the negative....

As we go into the  New Year  let's focus a little more on the reasons to stay positive (as hard as it may be) and to coin a very well-known phrase, "Be the change you want to see in the world".

Do things you have always wanted to do and do them without fear of failure. Make that big move or change your career path. Share a smile with a stranger and you will be surprised at the reaction you receive in return. Don't let the negativity of those around you cloud your view of the sunshine......your moment is just around the corner!

Live each day as if it's your last and remember once you're gone you can't take the material possessions or money with you but, you can leave your own, undeniable mark on the world. 

2020 is your year, grab it with both hands and run like the wind.