Sibaya Celebrates International Women's Day

Advice to women for making it in hospitality

Working in the dynamic, always-on hospitality industry can mean long and irregular hours, and it requires a passion for hospitality, people and service. For women, it can be especially challenging to juggle a career in hospitality with a busy household. At Sibaya Casino & Entertainment Kingdom, where 54.5% of employees are female, there are women who are getting the balance right and making a success in what is still largely considered a man’s world. 

They help to keep the inner cogs of the vibrant resort turning seamlessly while juggling multiple roles as breadwinners, mothers, nurturers, friends, homemakers and contributors to the local economy and community. 

In celebration of International Women’s Day this Month (8 March 2020), here is some advice from some of the Sibaya ladies for young women who are considering a career in hospitality:

Zuziwe Maphanga, Sibaya Hotel Manager, says: “You must make sure you are passionate about the industry and about people. The industry is open for everyone to shine in whatever role they play. Take your time researching about the career path you wish to follow, ask questions, and spend time with people that are in the industry of your career of interest. I would encourage women to do things at their natural pace. Be bold, soft when required and don’t submit to the pressure that you need to prove your worth of being in the position that you are in. Yes, you may find yourself having to work twice as hard compare to the male counterparts. I always remind myself as a woman my role and position is crucial to add balance in the work space.”

Gloria Ngidi has been working at Sibaya for four years and is currently a Receptionist at Sibaya Hotel. She says: “A passion for people and customer service are crucial for surviving in the demanding hospitality industry. It is also important to achieve a balance between your work and personal life. On my off days, it is all about quality time with my family.”

Rekha Homraj is a Front Office Administrator and has worked at Sibaya for 18 years. She says: “Study further. An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.” Citing a quote from Steve Jobs, she adds: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life and don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your inner voice, Most important have the courage to  follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become.” 

Thola Msimango, Front Office Manager at Sibaya Hotel, agrees, “Education is your passport to the future.”

Lereko Damane, a Reservationist at the Royal Sibaya Hotel, says: “Don’t let your background hold you back from reaching your dreams. Be true to yourself and work hard to succeed. Don’t be enticed by what others have already achieved. Be knowledgeable about what goes on in the world, this will lead you to make better decisions about your personal life and career. Importantly, respect others and don’t compromise your values.”

Karen Hammond, Sibaya’s HR Manager, says: “As women, we form the backbone of the business while juggling many balls. Though it is a balancing act, always make time to self reflect, invest in your own wellbeing and remember your value. It is important to spend time with the most important people in your life. Don’t get caught up in the rat race of life or forget to stop and smell the roses. When you hit a speed bump in life, keep your can-do attitude and use the challenge as an opportunity. Always remember to keep a good balance and be the Unstoppable You.”  

“The hospitality and entertainment industry is an exciting one, with numerous and diverse career opportunities. It is important to Sibaya that we continue to attract and retain people with a passion for the industry. We also remain committed to increasing the number of women we have in our ranks.”

“Sibaya appreciates the hard work and commitment of all the ladies who work behind the scenes and at the forefront to ensure that visitors and guests always have a quality experience at Sibaya,” says General Manager Myan Moodley


La Fusion Chefs

A Complete Culinary Experience

The duo, Richard and Njabulo, have taken the culinary world to an entirely elevated level. Their vibrant, energetic personalities and absolute passion for cooking has led to the creation of something that is making headlines all over the region. 

Having recently had the opportunity of seeing them in action at the Sizzle City Food and Wine Tasting, I can honestly say that they have taken cooking to places nobody could have ever dreamed possible.

While many may be under the impression that the show is the drawcard, that would be an absolutely incorrect impression. Yes, the show has the ability to keep you mesmerised from the start, however, the final results are what impress the most. 

Mouth-watering dishes with flavour to match, are the product of a process that culminates in what is seen visually on stage. 

Down to earth, passionate and adventurous is the only way to describe the duo. 

Both are formally trained in their craft and have a vast experience in the cut-throat world of cooking. It is evident that both of these gentlemen were influenced from a young age, by the ladies that they called “mother”. While both do share the same love, their areas of interest vary slightly. Njabulo is more drawn to the traditional African food which he adapts to meet industry standards. He manipulates these to add a creative touch.  Richard prefers the Asian flavours and dishes to show his artistic flair. 

Driven by the successes of their favourite chefs, Ramsay and Oliver, these two are on a path to become their namesake, the African way. There is nothing more enjoyable to watch than someone partaking in something they are passionate about, and that I think, is part of what makes this show, put on by two energetic, truly African souls, one that is almost impossible to forget.