Fusion Chefs

A Complete Culinary Experience

The duo, Richard and Njabulo, have taken the culinary world to an entirely elevated level. Their vibrant, energetic personalities and absolute passion for cooking has led to the creation of something that is making headlines all over the region. 

Having recently had the opportunity of seeing them in action at the Sizzle City Food and Wine Tasting, I can honestly say that they have taken cooking to places nobody could have ever dreamed possible.

While many may be under the impression that the show is the drawcard, that would be an absolutely incorrect impression. Yes, the show has the ability to keep you mesmerised from the start, however, the final results are what impress the most. 

Mouth-watering dishes with flavour to match, are the product of a process that culminates in what is seen visually on stage. 

Down to earth, passionate and adventurous is the only way to describe the duo. 

Both are formally trained in their craft and have a vast experience in the cut-throat world of cooking. It is evident that both of these gentlemen were influenced from a young age, by the ladies that they called “mother”. While both do share the same love, their areas of interest vary slightly. Njabulo is more drawn to the traditional African food which he adapts to meet industry standards. He manipulates these to add a creative touch.  Richard prefers the Asian flavours and dishes to show his artistic flair. 

Driven by the successes of their favourite chefs, Ramsay and Oliver, these two are on a path to become their namesake, the African way. There is nothing more enjoyable to watch than someone partaking in something they are passionate about, and that I think, is part of what makes this show, put on by two energetic, truly African souls, one that is almost impossible to forget.