Finalist # 12

Nomcebo Bila

I am a 23 year old Law student. I am passionate about modeling and learning new things( Education) and of course Law.

I entered my first pageant in 2016. Back then I entered because Yolo (you only live once). At the time I was chubby and leaning more towards being a tomboy so modeling was not even part of the plan.

When I had made the decision to enter Miss Mzingazi fear was non existent.When I had made the decision to enter Miss Mzingazi fear was non existent.

I knew nothing about modeling but I was just curious and looking for a challenge. 

Unfortunately I didnt win Miss Mzingazi but i did take away a lot from the competition and pageantry. I learnt a couple of things about myself. For example, I learnt that I'm hilarious!!🙈 and definitely a People's person. I learned the importance of standing tall and just being myself. Being on stage was an amazing feeling.

I also learnt that modeling is not just about being a pretty face. It is about impact. How will you impact the lives of people around you and how will you contribute in making your community a better place?

I entered Miss Zululand with these questions in mind.

Education has played a vital role in my life. It has allowed me to express myself effectively and it has made me believe that anything I dream or envision could become reality, provided that I put in the work.

With my rural background I want to spread the importance of education and "ukuphilisana". I wish to spread this to everyone I meet, both within my community and further afield

I'm a core believer of Ubuntu, and that we need to create a conducive environment ourselves for ourselves to enable growth.

I entered this competition because it's a wonderful platform to share my knowledge and light with people.


Finalist # 11

Nondumiso Ngwenya

I am Nondumiso Ngwenya. I am 19 years old and I come from the deep rural area of Kwa-Nongoma.

I entered my Zululand because I am very passionate about modelling and I want to take a stand for my village.  Nongoma is an underestimated village that nobody takes seriously. I want to grow as a women and become the best version of my self that I can be.


Finalist # 10

Nicole Steimner

I am a 16 year old model and dancer from Richards Bay. I am currently studying Ballet, Cabaret and Modern Dance at Richards Bay Dance Company. 

My modelling career started in June 2014. As a child I watched America's Top Model, seeing my hero, Tyra Banks, in action. That is when I knew I wanted to be just like her when I grow up. 

When I look back at all my achievements and valuable lessons, I can say that I am very proud of my hard work. Throughout my years of modelling, people  questioned why I am still in the modelling industry. 

God has blessed me with these talents and I am going to use His gift as best as I can. It is important to keep your focus on your goals and forget about the negative comments people throw at you. 

The reason why I entered Miss Zululand is to challenge myself, to get out of my comfort zone. Miss Zululand is my first big competition and I was unsure if I would be able to handle all the presure that is coming my way, but I have learned to enjoy the the journey. I have made a lot of friends along the way. I am in competition with myself and each day I grow more and more.

Another reason would be to overcome my fear of public speaking. This has been my biggest obstacle I have had to face through this journey and I have overcome this fear.

I want to inspire others not to follow in anyone's footsteps, but to create your own. It is my passion to see young models and dancers grow in their experience. I love working with children and I am hoping that one day I will find myself in New York City, opening my very own talent agency and making dreams come true.


Finalist # 9

Nokwethemba Mantshintsha Mngomezu

I am Nokwethemba Mantshintsha Mngomezulu. I am currently a student doing computer science and hydrology. I am passionate about  crochet (a skill I picked up to deal with my bipolar disorder - I should add it works wonders) and I am super passionate about helping or bettering the situation of the next person. 

I entered the competition to spread my wings by doing something I was afraid to do (basically breaking my pageant virginity), but most of all I joined the competition to learn and grow. When we get out of our comfort zone and mee different people we grow.

I would love to spread the love of crochet and it's benefits when it comes to depression. I would love to gain new positive healthy relationships, gaining a larger audience for crochet lovers it would be amazing.


Finalist # 8

Nhlalonhle Myeni

 I am Nhlalonhle Myeni, a 16 year old teenager from Mzingazi Reserve. I am a friendly person who easily shares her rape story in hope that it will be an insipiraton to other women who are also a victim of rape. 


I have entered miss Zululand because I want to bring hope to the young teenagers out there, those kids I once lived with at Ngwelezane Place of Safety. They may  think that they've got no future because they were raped but they are wrong. I hope that through this journey I can learn and grow.  Ir has been my dream to start a campaign called VOICE OF THE VOICELESS  where you can share your story anonymously without anyone judging you

I promise that through this title of Miss Zululand I'll change someone's life! 


Finalist # 7

Luyanda Khubisa

My name is Luyanda Khubisa, a small town girl with international dreams. I'm 20 years old and I hold a higher certificate in paralegal studies from Southern Business School. I am currently an accounting student at the University of Zululand. I'm from the vibrant township of Ngwelezane. 

I entered Miss Zululand primarily to learn. I have aspirations of one day being Miss South Africa and hopefully going on to win Miss World. Being a representative for my beautiful home is a step in the right direction. 

I believe that with everything I do the main aim should be to improve Luyanda and so I hope to gain an even better version of myself through this journey....A Luyanda that is more compassionate, more caring, more humble and maybe an even better pageant strut.



Finalist # 6

Zenhlanhla Nxumalo

I am Zenhlanhla Nxumalo, 17 years of age and I entered the Miss Zululand competition because i would like to see change in our community regarding the huge issue of drug abuse amongst teenagers. This is a growing trend amongst us as teenagers and it's only destroying us. I want to be an eye-opener to everyone so they see that it's time they stop being ignorant and stick together to fight this. If we would all do so we will be able to conquer the rise in crime and teenage pregnancy. We have to do something about this because it is destroying our future generations and there will be no return. 


Finalist # 5


 26 Year old self-taught cultural dancer, Ntombi, is a true rural queen and is  an up and coming actress and model. She firmly believes that dreams delayed are not dreams denied. God first and everything else flows. 

Speaking with Ntombi it becomes clear how talented and ambitious she is. 

"I saw an apportunity and thought to myself this is my chance to showcase my talent. What better way to do that than to do it in my native community where I can can empower the young woman I grew up with as well as the community at large. I want to gather as much information I can during the experience and take it back to my community and build something out of it.I come from a place where beautiful faces and modelling are seen as bizzare or something you can not make a career out of.  I want to bring about a change regarding this narrative and add hope. I want to become an inspiration to woman following in my footsteps so that they too can start chasing their dreams without the fear of their background."

Mission state


Finalist # 4

Sphesihle Mavimbela

I am a 22 year old female from the rurals of Hlabisa eNhlwathi area. I am a recent Bcom. Economics and supply chain Management graduate from the University  of Kwazulu-Natal who is passionate about growth and continuous improvement. I am a lover of love and a sucker for healthy relationships.

Most people look down on pageantry,  some even go as far as saying pageants should be banned . They say pageantry distracts women from the bigger picture as it stresses on the fact that a person who is distinguished and unique is one with a good physic. I totally disagree with all the stereotypes that are held against pageantry as I believe it is a platform for individuals to celebrate themselves,  a platform for individuals to be vocal about what they believe in, and be ambassadors of change. Pageantry grooms self-confidence and trains individuals on public speaking. It also raises awareness to the importance of selflessness. My beliefs on what pageantry is, are the reason I entered miss Zululand,  I want to show people that their view about pageantry is totally wrong.

Coming to the competition my biggest anticipation was being a part of it, now that I am in it, I have met amazing people,  people who are ambitious for change ,who want to make an impact in their communities and if I am to take anything, anything at all from this competition it would be keeping the relationships that I have formed and to learn from each and every one of my fellow contestants. Ibelieve they all have something that can be of value to me.


Finalist # 3

Saam Nzuza

I am Saam Nzuza, a passionate, determined and humble 24 year old from Esikhawini I am currently on the journey to pursue my Dramatic Arts and Theatre Performances degree at the University of Zululand. I have a Love for arts and crafts, reading and listening to a variety of music. I am passionate about charity and community work and am blessed to be a Branch Manager for Trelique Models and Promotions Agency. 

I am proud to be a Miss Zululand finalist again 😄.  

I entered the Miss Zululand competition to have a sense of achievement and fulfilment, excitement and experience. The memories I make here are beyond measure in worth for widening my social horizon and understanding of people. The 2017 experience was amazing. I haven't been to a competition like this one.

It is a great privilege and honor to become one of the candidates for Miss Zululand. It teaches us a lot of things and helps us realize who we are and who we want to be. The journey is a beautiful one and it challenges us to move out of our comfort zone and inspires us to do better and help charities.


Finalist # 2

Asanda Buthelezi

I am Asanda Buthelezi, a passionate and bubbly 16 year old who lives in the compact town of Empangeni. I'm currently doing my 10th grade at Empangeni High School.

I enjoy baking, playing the piano and cheerleading. I have a big heart for charity as I believe that your greatness is not what you have but it is what you give. 

The motto I live by is "If you fail, change your plan and not your goal".  As Virat Kohli once said "Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success".    

The reason I entered Miss Zululand is because from a young age, I aspired to become a pageantry model and when I saw the advertisement it caught my eye. Not a competition just about beauty but about the heartfelt qualities that one possesses, a beauty with a purpose who gets to participate in more than just being on stage but making a difference in the lives of others.      

From this experience I hope to inspire others, gain more self confidence and of course, have fun. The greatest achievement of all would be to walk away with the Miss Zululand 2019 title.


finalist # 1

Chane Badenhorst

My name is Chané Badenhorst I am 18 years old and from the beautiful town of Richard's Bay. My passion is working with animals and children, I'm enthusiastic about trying new things and I am always willing to learn from my experiences. 

I was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of two and have started my own Epilepsy awareness Campaign called Epikids.   

The reason I entered Miss Zululand 2019 is to not only be an ambassador or role model, but to grow as a woman and become the best version of myself that I can be.  I want to end the year on  a positive note.  In October my father passed away and my epileptic sezuires  re-surfaced after years of being dormant.

I want to motivate those around me to never  give up on themselves or their dreams even when life gets hard.  Stay strong and work through the difficult times and grow from the experiences. 

I hope to gain more self confidenceand and to build life long friendships and experiences, which I will carry with me forever. I want to grow into a strong and ambitious young lady as I walk away from this competition and hopefully my story will not only inspire others to enter Miss Zululand, but to never give up and always chase after their dreams no matter how big.

"The only limits to your dreams is your own imagination" - Chane Badenhorst



The coveted Miss Zululand title will once again be there for the picking at the end of this month. Finalists have already earned their rightful places and the journey has begun towards the finale....Each of the young ladies is a winner in their own right, each is beautiful inward and out and each has the intelligence to take them to where hey deserve. Eye on Zululand will be giving our readers some insight into who these beauties are and what they hope to achieve through their Miss Zululand journey. These young ladies are so much more than just a pretty face!



9 November, 2019 at 11am started off with the beautiful melody of wheels screeching and engines maxed out to their limit. The weather was a bit gloomy with early drizzles which made the track a bit “slippery when wet” but that didn't stop the spinfest drivers from drying the track up in the first couple of minutes.  

Although there were a variety of vehicles that took part, the vehicle of choice seemed to be the BMW E30 - particularly the 320 and 325 which were seen chewing tyres, making noise and eating petrol. This is understandable as this vehicle is known for it’s small frame and huge power. The crowd were extremely entertained from the get go. As more tyres were bursting and cars were rotating all over the track, the more the crowd wanted from the skillful drivers and their stuntman. From near and far the spinfest cars arrived showing how well loved this is in our area, and the enjoyment it brings to drivers as well as the crowds it attracts.  

There were a couple of stylish cars that caught my eye. A blue skyline that had everything you could have dreamed of, from the custom paint job, bumpers to a very well suited spine chilling tone. The only upsetting part is that we didn't have a chance to enjoy it’s presence on the track. At the very first corner the back gave way and it clipped the wall making the driver lose it, smashing the front - skyline day concluded.

Joey Govender made an appearance showing what drifting is all about and how it should be done.Driving his sleek Nissan Silvia S15 ( SR20 motor DET) , GT30 turbo a 350Z gearbox with a standard diff along with management system, racing clutch and obviously custom suspension. Joey Govender was the only driver to complete a figure 8 in a fashionable style. This feat set the tone for drivers to follow, each pushing the limits to attempt the same. Let’s hope that Joey G graces the track with his presence once more at the next spinfest in our area....perhaps he’ll give me the keys to take it for a spin or at least park it!  

The rest of the day progressed with some antics from the daredevil stuntman and if you had a R100 and nerves of steel, you could be the passenger - if your dared. Later in the day saw another incident, a BMW E30 ploughed into the wall. The spinning Gods were smiling down as there were no injuries on the day. Emergency services were right on hand if anything had to happen along with the lurking Kenny Sloane Tow-In Services ready to assist smashed or broken down vehicles on the track. Refreshments on the day catered for all, from the typical South African braai to American styled doughnuts.   

A big thank you to Morgan and Ashley Chetty from Exclusive Sound and Security in Empangeni which were generous enough to sponsor a few gifts which Eye on Zululand handed out on their behalf to the revved up crowds. A huge shout out to the event organisers, sponsors, Castro and Michelle, the participants and of course, all who ventured out to enjoy the loud engines and burnt rubber on the day. This one goes down as a success without a doubt.

Zululand Beauties

Miss Zululand 2019

What, in essence, is beauty? For many, outward beauty is important, however, it must be remembered that inward beauty is what radiates outwards and surrounds any individual with a glowing light.  

The Miss Zululand Pageant has, since I can remember, been one the most coveted titles in our region. Zululand is filled with so many beautiful young ladies, each with their own inspirations and aspirations to share with the world. The pageant is the platform from which they can swan dive, head first into their dreams.  

Gone are the days of beauty queens being all beauty and a little less brains, today the contestants are so much more than that. Beauty, intelligence and a clear sense of who they are, are all winning attributes. And isn’t that exactly what we want our young ladies to strive for? Living in a so-called “man’s world” is difficult enough as it is. While the stigma attached to women in business is slowly dissipating, there will always be those who remain steadfast in their scepticism. Women through the years have revealed how powerful they are and have achieved success far beyond what would have been thought possible in the past. Women are no longer simply a pretty face! 

The Miss Zululand Pageant has played a tremendous part in bringing to the fore, the value of intelligence and education in young female individuals. Focus is placed on so many areas of character and personality that before would have been an oversight. It is these very traits and quirks that make each woman truly beautiful and unique in their own right.  

Taking part in the Miss Zululand Pageant is so much more than battling it out for the title of most beautiful looking young lady, it is a time that many participants will one day reflect on with a feeling of pride and love. Lifelong friendships are built and bonds forged that are priceless.  

Zululand young ladies are a force to be reckoned with on every possible playing field! 

This year the finalists are all equally beautiful, intelligent and endearing, however, in the end there can only be one. Support your favourite as these young ladies embark on a journey that is surely going to change the course of their futures.


Sizzle City

Food and Wine Tasting

Today, 05.10.19, a glorious spring day in Richards Bay! Today was the perfect day to enjoy the festivities at the Sizzle City Food and Wine Tasting, and share some quality time taking in the local talent and brands and relishing is the fresh, salty air. 

The atmosphere was vibrant and sociable, different cultures mingling in harmony - the epitome of a rainbow nation. 

With some notable sponsorship from SMG and the well-known Dr. 3 Seconds, the day was a successful one. While some may have come out to taste the wine on offer, others the delectable edibles and still more the performances, everyone was treated to a wide array of vendors to browse. The dreamers took their seat in the new BMW i8 on show and the world became their oyster, even if only for a moment. 

The fantastic culinary display by the Fusion Chefs was an experience like no other. Professional cooking skills, enormous personalities and the resultant gourmet meal are proof that cooking comes from the soul. 

Sizzle City is in its fourth year and has become synonymous with providing a platform for those in the creative fields, something that this country definitely has to nurture. Everything from singing and dancing to stand up comedy was on the menu. Local clothing brands were provided the opportunity to showcase their designs in the form of a fashion show. 

Lindiwe Dube , through all her recent adversity, was the shining star today! She and her willing and ambitious team have proven once again that Zululand does have what it takes to pull off an event of class and stature, one that truly shows what South Africa has to offer to the world. 


Fill the Dome

The Start of Something Wonderful....

This past Saturday Eye on Zululand was given the opportunity to experience the start of something wonderful.....Fill the Dome! 

Founder of the event Deejay Nivaadh Singh is well-known in the industry for his classic deejay style and signature music mixes. His passion for the industry is evident when he speaks of music, events and people. While Nivaadh is no stranger to the Umfolozi Casino, having already held a number of events in the Sugar Room, this was the first in the Dome, a much bigger event facility. 

Saturday's event may have been the first of its kind, however, no measures were too great to reach success. The Dynasty stage stood in all its glory as the focal point, each of the six deejays taking their turn to woo the crowd with their own collection and each offering something different from the deejay that preceded them. 

The event decor was stylish and classy and so much more that one would have imagined.  

Drinks flowed and the crowd descended to enjoy a night of fun, dancing, socialising and spectacular music. 

This was definitely a first to remember and the perfect prequel to the upcoming weekend festivities featuring East Coast Radio deejay J'Sbu. 

Saturday nights are about to get hot! Get down to the Dome at Umfolozi Casino and be a part of history in the making. 


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