Mthandeni Mbambo

I first met Mthandeni in 2017 during the hype, and excitement of the first Rise With Reason event. We instantly clicked! His happy, energetic demeanor is magnetic to say the least. Since our first chance meeting, Mthandeni has come a tremendous way towards his own personal goals.

Mthandeni completed his school career at Tisand Technical College, and went on to further his studies in the arts at Mbongeni Ngema's Committed Artists Academy. 

Between the years 2006 and 2016 Mthandeni focused his efforts on theater, and stage performances. It was only in 2011 that he first began to dabble in television. He has appeared in a number of television productions, and series including the well-known, loved, and ever-popular eHostel.

The Devil's Autograph, the latest stage production which sees Mthandeni both direct and star, was an epic portrayal of a very real issue plaguing South Africa. Domestic abuse is a sad, brutal, and devastating occurrence. The play revealed the shocking nature of behavior that does go on behind many closed doors, and highlights the stark reality of the potential outcome. 

Mthandeni's performance was sincere, heartfelt, and in every sense of the word, riveting. 

I spoke with Mthandeni after the show to find out where his future plans will be taking him. He is adamant to be taken seriously in the film industry, and hopes to be cast in both national, and international movies in the near future. 

Mthandeni's goals, however, reach even further than his talents. He believes in educating the nation, and that even those who don't have the financial means to pursue tertiary education, should have the opportunity if they show the potential for greatness. He has his sights set on that long term goal - a facility that provides and affordable option for further study, and in a sense, opportunity for all.

There are great things written in the stars for this charismatic, talented, and humble performing artist. He is definitely one to keep your eye on. 


The Devil's Autograph On Stage







The Devil's Autograph

 The Devil’s Autograph

This is a full theater production which raises much needed awareness against the escalating crime wave of women abuse in the country. It’s a story about four women of different races (Margaret, Promise, Jane and Ruth) who suffer physical and emotional abuse in their respective homes in the early 1900's. 

These women are forced by their circumstances to find work in a sugarcane farm to survive, not knowing it will be the beginning of a different cycle of abuse.

The production is packed with music and dance as well as top performance by top notch artists. 

It will take spectators on an emotional journey filled with sad and happy moments – and a surprising twist.

Tickets available at Cash Desk

R100 pp 


Back To Ekasi - Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Local Crafters Came Out


Painting, and beading.....a local crafter showed why South Africa produces such amazing artworks.

Cthe.K Gets The Crowd Going


Dance sensation Cthe.K 



Eighteen year old Cyphor has a story of his own, and music is the outlet

Reckless Musiq


These boys from Newcastle have made a name for themselves, and they have no intention of stopping until they reach the top.

Rush Naspink


Rush Naspink already has a CD under his belt, and after Saturday's performance I am sure his sales are about to soar.



True to his name.....Wizard worked his magic on the crowd

Back To Ekasi With Sanlam Center

Local Artists Band Together For The Less Fortunate

Local shopping mall, Sanlam Center, in Empangeni was the place to be on Thursday afternoon. The parking bay  at the lower level was transformed into something  magical. Lindiwe Pride Dube, is known for her big heart, and her caring nature. As head of publicity of the center, she approached local artists to showcase their talents in a bid to draw the crowds. There was no charge to enjoy the afternoon, however, spectators were urged to bring something for the less fortunate, whether it be toys, clothes or books. Local musical talents, as well as clothing brands, and  crafters banded together to help those in need. 

While the gesture, to some, may seem insignificant, it shows the true nature of the younger generation in our area. Artists performed, not for monetary gain, but rather for the thrill and education of the experience, and, to possibly make a difference in someone's life. 

Young artists showed their mettle as they gave it their all for the adoring fans. Zululand has so much undiscovered talent that an event like this could certainly be any recording labels dream. Who knows, perhaps the next Zululand treasure will find his fame while showing his heart.